If the SIM card is purchased in the official salon of MTS, the easiest way to activate is to ask the sales assistant to perform this operation. This is one of the free services provided by salons all the major mobile operators.
If for any reason this is impossible, just try to insert the SIM card in the device - many packages support automatic activation. Turn on phone and dial any free short number specified in the contract. Usually after that the mobile device is activated in automatic mode.
Another method of activation of the SIM card provides its subscribers a special service, to access which calls 737-8081. Do not forget to specify the international code for Russia is +7, and for Moscow - 495. Once the operator answers, you will need to call a code expression or a word selected at the conclusion of the contract user at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, this method of activation of the SIM cards takes a large amount of time - on the assurances of MTS, no more than a day, but at least two hours.
If you have a computer and Internet access you can use a specialized online service activation of the company. To do this, navigate your browser to the page and include your fare in the directory that opens the start screen. Fill in the required fields in the next window. They include personal data, passport number, email address and mobile phone number. Use the special button "Send activation".
Please note that activation of the acquired SIM-card must be made within seven working days! Also don't forget to recharge the card at a zero balance to activate is impossible. The minimum amount of the initial Deposit specified in the description of the chosen tariff plan.