Try to attach your phone number to your credit card. It may be necessary to obtain notices from the Bank about payments on to your room, and to perform payment transactions. Visit the Bank with your passport and request the appropriate service. It will be activated within weeks. Some banks allow you to do this through their online services. For example, to tie the card to the phone number through "Sberbank Online" or "Alfa-Click".
Bind the account to the phone number in the social network in which you are registered. Most sites now automatically remind you of this procedure. Using a mobile phone you will be able to quickly recover lost password or to return your account has been hacked. Just go to your profile in the social network and find the option to bind phone. Once you enter your room, you will receive a text message with a special code that must be entered in the box that appears on the website. Likewise for binding your account to the number on the postal services: "", "Yandex", "Google", etc.
Don't forget to attach your phone number to your account in electronic payment systems. This is usually one of the main stages during the registration in such services as "Web Money", "Yandex.Money", "Skrill" and others. When you create your account you will be prompted to enter your phone number. If you skip this step in the future will not be able to perform payment transactions, and access your profile. Putting the phone, you will receive a code for registration, which will also be your initial password. In addition, users right the indicated number is assigned to a higher payment status.