If the child is translated on the home training for health reasons, collect all of his medical records. Contact the clinic at the place of residence to the Deputy chief physician for clinical and expert work (the Deputy ERC). After carrying out of clinical-expert Commission, you will be given a certificate of need for home education for the child. Please note: the certificate must be at least 3 signatures, rectangular and round stamps.
If you would like child to family learning on their own, contact your local Department of education application for transfer to training in the form of family education. Will be created the special Commission which structure will include representatives of the Department, the school and the parents of the child. During the session the Commission will have issued an order about the attachment of the child to a certain school for training in externship and passing the final certification.
With help from the clinic or an order from the Department will contact the school Director, to which is attached your child. Write the application addressed to the Director of the school about the transfer of the child for home-based or family learning. On the basis of documents submitted by you will be issued an order at the school.
Together with you, the school administration will develop a plan educate your child with the scheduling of appraisals.
If the child is transferred to family education, between the school and parents sign a contract. It should be clearly spelled out rights and obligations of all parties (schools, parents and the child), the timing of certifications.
Parents are issued a log of completed classes. It covers the topic passed, the number of teaching hours (for home schooling) and achievement of the child. The school provides the child with textbooks and other methodical literature.