What should be done in the first place

At the initial stage it is recommended to listen to children and find out the real reasons that prompted him to raise the issue. In some cases, this strained relations with classmates, others banal failure for the taught programme.
Among the most common reasons why parents experience the desire to transfer the child to another teacher, you can highlight the indifferent attitude of the teacher. This refers to placing low ratings without explanation, encouragement only honors, a minimum of communication with children in addition to classroom sessions. Some parents believe that young teachers do not possess considerable knowledge and experience in order to teach children.

By adopting a final decision, parents should talk to the teacher and notify him of their intentions. Then you write a standard application, which shall state the causes of conflict and options for its resolution. However, the Director reserves the right to refuse a transfer if another class is a large number of students. The Secretary must register the application to ensure that it is not lost. Then usually going to a small faculty meeting at which the presence of both the teacher and the school psychologist. After analyzing the situation, the parents will announce the decision. With the right approach it is possible to solve everything peacefully, without resorting to a higher authority.

To keep in mind that different classes may have different programs. To this must be prepared in advance and, if possible, to transfer the child to the teacher, which follows a similar pattern.

The nuances of translation to another class

If your child has vision problems, you should warn the new teacher about the need to place student place of pupil closer to the Board. The class teacher may be interested in the level of knowledge of the child and this should be ready. The vast majority of cases, the newcomers are sympathetic, helping them to adapt to the team.
The ideal period for transferring the child to another class is considered the beginning of the school year. It may save a new member of the team from too much attention from classmates, because this will be added and updated schedule, some teachers and interesting unexplored discipline. In addition, the child will be easier to adapt to the demands of the new teacher and learn to meet them soon.