The statement is always formed his own, so leave the computer and prepare a standard office sheet of A4 paper and a normal pen. According to the rules, the ink color should be blue or black. A single, unified form, there is no such document, but when compiling the application, follow the General rules of the proceedings. Some large companies are invited to fill in an application form, which already included all necessary details. It is not illegal, but in any case, the basic information you need to write by hand. Check out samples of design personal statements by clicking on the link under the main text.
The introductory part of the application is traditionally assigned by the location of the initial details and is located in the upper right corner of the sheet. Start filling it with specifying the destination. All data write in the dative case. As a rule, first write position of the responsible person to the "Director" (head, chief, etc.). Then the name of the company, the name and initials of supervisor. Below, write your own details in the genitive after the preposition "from". Recently, the necessity of placing the preposition "from" in the header of the statements disputed. It is not wrong to write "whose" statement "engineer S. I. Svetlov". In addition, depending on the type of application, there may be additional details. This can be a structural unit of the company "branch number" or home address and phone number.
In the center of the sheet place the name of the document, writing it with a capital "Statement." Point after it is not put, because this word is the title of the document. In the obsolescent form was a valid spelling of the title in small letters, as a continuation of the basic proposal. In this case, after it was put point.
The body of the application set out in the request, after the word "Requested." Here state the nature of the appeal (a request, suggestion or complaint), state the terms, explain briefly, if necessary. At the bottom, under the text, left-aligned, place the date of writing the application. It can be located above, in the introductory part, but always on the border of left field. Right take the place of a personal signature.