You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - copy of passport (if necessary).
Type in the address bar of your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or perhaps Safari), the domain name of the server where the mailbox is located. Next to the form to enter email address or login, find the link: "Forgot", "Remember password" or "can't access my account", enter your username and click "Next". After that, the system will request the information specified at registration, namely the answer to the secret question. Enter any combination of letters or numbers and click "Next".
In the window you will see that the entered data is not froma responsepoint specified in the profile. Then you most likely will be prompted to enter information about yourself: additional email address and/or mobile phone number. In the case of correct answerand you will get access to password change. Otherwise (e.g. you have changed your phone number or did not specify the second mailbox), if you write a letter in support (Users Support) and fill in an application form. The answer will come within 3-5 days.
If you have sent information will not be enough, write another letter. It specify more detailed information that will help confirm your rights to the mailbox. It can be the names of folders that you create, the addresses stored in the address book, date of registration, ip addresses from which the most frequently accessed, etc.). In the event you have been given your valid data, send a scanned copy of the passport or other document proving your identity.