The traditional way to recover forgotten mailbox password is a correct answer to the secret question. The secret question is determined at the time of registration e-mail. This question can be a standard that you can select from the drop-down list, for example "mother's Maiden name", "Mark's first car" or "passport Number", or your own, which you will need to write at the time of registration. The password recovery system is activated in the case of a correct answer to the question (the answer is also indicated during registration). Try to choose a secret question so that the answer was known only to you, in order to avoid email hacking.
How to recover forgotten password for mail you can also putting additional e-mail. Additional e-mail address, and secret question set during registration of the mailbox and immediately after it receives the letter confirming that the address of the mailbox as an additional used to restore the other. In case you don't know the answer to the secret question, the system will prompt you to specify an additional address, which will receive an email with instructions to reset a forgotten password.
Some email services use a validation mailbox with the help of SMS-messages. In case the password from this mailbox will be lost, the system will prompt the user to enter their mobile phone number (or last 4 digits), which will receive the message with a special code that allows access to the password recovery system. Please note that the phone number must be specified in the email account. Otherwise, this method will not work.