Turn on the computer. If your computer has already installed similar programs from other carriers, remove them before going to connect a 3G modem from MegaFon. Go to "control Panel", select "Programs and features" (or "add/remove programs). In the appeared list find the software to operate a modem from another operator, select it and press Delete. Don't forget after the removal restart the computer.
Disconnect while installing the antivirus program, since some of them can recognize the modem as a potential threat, which subsequently will lead to incorrect installation.
Remove the cap from the stick modem and connect it to a free USB port. Your OS should identify the modem as a new device (USB storage media) to run a program that installs and configures the modem. In that case, if the computer does not recognize the device, unplug it from the USB port and insert it again.
If not, start the setup, go to "My computer", select a device from the list and start it from the root directory of the file Autorun.exe.
If your computer has Vista or Windows 7, when you first connect you will be prompted: "Allow this program to make changes to your computer?". Click "Yes". If you refuse, then retry the connection startup will not appear, and the modem you have to install manually.
Note: for Windows 7 you may need to install patches that are already in the directory modem. After installing the program, download the archive. Once it has been unpacked, locate and run the file Huawei USB Modem Win7 Hotfix_0004.exe. Confirm the license agreement and install the patch.
If after all actions made by you, you can't connect to 3G network, please contact the office of MegaFon company to resolve connectivity issues.