For a 3G connection requires two conditions - a modern phone that supports GPRS/EDGE/3G, and mobile communication of MTS, MegaFon or Beeline. They in Russia provide the 3G standard.
Setting your phone to 3G connection is usually straightforward. The settings must give the above mobile operators.
Usually on a new phone, select "Menu" - "Preferences" - "Java Settings" or "Menu" - "Settings" - "Wireless connections" - "mobile network Settings" - "access Point" - "Create APN". To create take APN settings on the website of the operator your cellular connection for GPRS-Internet.
Some phones are set up for 3G network by default. If the phone supports WAP and videos, then it is suitable to configure 3G.
A standard set of commands:

"Menu" - "Settings" - "Wireless & networks" - "Mobile networks" - "access Point" - "Menu" - "New access point".

Create access point:

Name: any
APN: internet
MCC: 250
MNC: 02
Type APN: default

More change nothing. Just save: "Menu" - "Save". 3G to connect to the phone using the computer and programs "connect-Manager" - for each cell connection.
Install the program on your computer. Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable, infrared connection or Bluetooth. Run "connect-Manager". The program itself will find and start applications necessary for the operation of the driver. Open the menu list of services and select Mobile GPRS-Internet. Connect and use.