The easiest way to insert the character use the resources of the operating system. By setting the input cursor to the desired position of the text, press the Alt key and hold it. With the other hand on the numeric keypad, type the character code in the Unicode table 0169. Then release Alt and the operating system inserts the icon into the text.
If you use the numeric keypad, you are uncomfortable, use the standard Windows OS, which is called "symbol table". To start, open the main menu by pressing the Win key, type "tab" and press the Enter key. Search engine OS will understand you with three letters, find and launch the desired program.
Find symbol in table and double-click the mouse icon will appear in the "To copy". Click copy, navigate to the document and paste the clipboard contents by pressing Ctrl + V.
When working in a word processor Microsoft Office Word, you can use the capabilities of the application itself. For example, enter the hexadecimal code of the symbol 00A9 (here A - Latin), and then press Alt + X. Code will be replaced with the copyright symbol.
Word has its own analog system applications "table of characters". He appeared on the screen, click on the "Insert" tab and select "Other symbols" in the drop-down list of "Symbol". Find the icon, highlight it in the table and click "Paste". After the first use of the mark appears in the charts of symbols in the top 20 and you don't have to look for it in the table. To call it will be sufficient to open the list linked to the button Symbol and select the copyright symbol in the top twenty most used characters.
To insert this token in the HTML page it is best to use the symbolic primitives of the language. The sign code is copyright © place it in the right place of source code and the browser displays a symbol in the loaded page.