To put a colon when typing the Cyrillic alphabet, press Shift and while holding it, press the": "character. It is on the key with the number "6" in the top row of keys. This next step is equally suitable for the introduction of a character from the keyboard in almost any document on any web pages.
If you changed the keyboard layout and switched to the Latin alphabet (change the layout produced by simultaneous pressing the keys "Ctrl" and "Shift" or "Alt" and "Shift"), hold down the Shift key and while holding it, type the": "character. When you enter this font in the Latin alphabet symbol corresponds to a key":/; " based on the same key is the Cyrillic letter "Zh"). Look for this symbol in the right part of the alphabetic keyboard.
Put a colon and other method. It is suitable when you are working with a text editor of Microsoft Word. Go to the Insert tab at the top of the document panel. Select a Symbol by clicking on it with the left mouse button. In Microsoft Office Word 2007 this section is on the right side of the window. Click on it and select from the dropdown menu the item "Other characters". In versions of Microsoft Office Word 2007, below, this section should look in drop-down menu "Insert".
You will see a window with a set of different characters. If you don't see the colon at a glance, try to search for it, a scroll bar located on the right side of the window. Finding the desired symbol, make sure that the main document to place the insertion point in the desired location in the window with the symbols highlight the colon, by clicking on the icon with the left mouse button, and click "Paste".
Each time not to bring up a new window with the symbols in the further work with the document, copy it to the clipboard and next time just paste it from there into the text. To insert the symbol from the clipboard, use the mouse or insert a colon from the keyboard. To do this, hold the "Ctrl" key and while holding it, press "V" key or hold down the Shift key and, without releasing it, press "Insert".