Quote must be appropriate according to meaning and content, and it should not be too voluminous, and must be transmitted verbatim without distortion in the original text.
Sticking someone's quote in your text, don't terminate it in an unnatural place and don't try to artificially adjust the meaning of the quote under the meaning of his text, unless the original quote didn't suit you.
Not to take snippets of quotes out of context and not retell the quote, interspersing the retelling with the original inserts.
Use the sentence or passage completely, without tearing it and keeping the logic of the narrative. The proposal, which you quote, must be completed.
This files most often quote isolated by quotation marks. At the beginning of the quote put the opening quotation mark and after the last sign of it closing. Also, that quote was more visible in the text, you can highlight it in italics or a smaller font than your own text.
The inner content quotes never change, keep it the way it was created by the author. You can only highlight some of the words further formatting – for example, the most important, in your opinion, can you say bold.
Any changes to the inside quotes (for example, italics to individual words) must be specified immediately after it, in parentheses, or placed in a footnote. The author quotes are always to be given immediately after the quotation marks, in parentheses.
If you comment on the quote after the comment put a dot, a dash and your initials or the initials of the person who left the quote comment.
Between your text and the following quote put a colon in that case if your words precede the meaning of the appearance of quotes. Also, before you quote after your words can put a full stop if the quotation is a complete sentence. If the quotation is merely a Supplement to your proposal, how would becoming its organic part, punctuation is not needed.
After the closing quotation mark if they are there are no signs that you have to put. The point is always placed after the quotation marks but question marks and exclamation marks – in front of them. If before the closing quotation mark is the ellipsis, the signs are placed.
There are also rules for which quotes need to start with a lowercase or uppercase letters. The quote should begin with a capital letter, if it is the beginning of a full proposal.