Every husband of a pregnant women should know and understand in the body of his beloved now there is a very strong hormonal changes. It is because of this to happen and the mood swings of his wife, and scandals, and tears. The woman is to blame. To accuse her of hysteria, selfishness, - all the same what to accuse the infant, who cries and disturbs sleep parents.
Some husbands resort to such arguments: "But she did when she was pregnant, didn't act that way! What is my wife like a demon possessed!" Yes, indeed, there are women who are quite easy to carry interesting position, including the same hormonal shake-up. But it's still the exception, not the rule. So to rejoice for the husbands of those women, and of marriage please understand. In the end, she became so because carrying your child!
Tolerance, sympathy, help, what is now required from the husband of a pregnant woman. It needs to be and intelligence, and generosity. Wife bad, then she needs help and support, not blame and reform. Moreover, the attempt to re with a probability of 99% will only lead to even more severe tears and recriminations.
Often there are cases when pregnant literally not go away husbands. They want to be beloved man was always there. In this case, no matter how her husband loved fishing, mushroom hunting, working in the country and other outdoor activities and meeting friends, he had better go meet my wife. And, of course, not to grumble, not to accuse her of selfishness! Instead, it is necessary often to repeat that he's near her there's nothing to fear, everything will be fine.
The husband should take all possible measures that a pregnant woman is not subjected to excessive loads, the more risk and have sufficient and diverse food. After all, the future mother is now literally have to "eat for two!" Take on at least part of the household chores, come and meet the wife from work.
Well, if the vagaries and mood swings of a pregnant became completely unbearable, the husband remains only to be comforted with the thought that pregnancy is not forever. After returning from the hospital with a squealing bundle in her arms, the wife will be the same as before.