Men who have a wife and a mistress, often fall in an awkward situation when a lover is expecting a baby, and the divorce was not yet. And don't even know if he did. Whether to escape from lawful spouse to your pregnant friend? There are many aspects that you need to weigh.

Love or habit?

First, look at your spouse, your marriage is a sober look. Whether your relationship has no love, but there was only routine and habit? Perhaps the pregnancy of his mistress – this is another reason to see how important to you your wife.

Secondly, think about whether you need your mistress. After all, to meet and to spend some time together – this is not love. If you leave from the wife to the mistress, where is the guarantee that the new marriage you will have to expect the same routine and habit? Are you ready to give up their way of life to new relationships that may be repeating old.

Thirdly, tell your wife about the situation you're in. After all, it is also a concern. A wise and loving wife will help you to understand. Of course, your affair will please her a little, but it is possible that your family relations will reach a new level. It is no wonder that you married this woman? It is possible that all the other family problems will recede into the background, joining you in addressing this sensitive and delicate issue.

The wife or the mistress?

If a pregnant mistress is your beloved and desirable woman, and the marriage you have been thorities, the question can not be. You need to go. A new relationship and a new family will bring you joy, and the legitimate wife will be able to start a new and happy life.

If you love your wife, and your cheating was a mistake, then change wife for a mistress, though pregnant, is not worth it. Here is the correct to solve the issue of what to do with the baby. The decision whether to leave him or to terminate the pregnancy, does not depend on you. It's always women. You also need to have a right to take it. If the mistress keeps the baby, but you don't go, it does not mean that all the responsibility off your shoulders subsides. The child is not to blame for the fact that you don't like his mom.

Before you decide whether to leave his wife if the mistress is pregnant, look closely at the two women, his attitude toward them and their attitude towards you. Do not hide anything from both sides, because this is a touchy issue for all three. Don't be afraid to hurt and inconvenience the truth. It is always better than a lie that can come out at the most unexpected and inconvenient time.