If a man decided to divorce a pregnant woman, for starters he needs to prepare for this process and to consider all possible options of divorce. And, of course, a decent representative of the stronger sex care should be taken not to strike the mother of your unborn child deep mental trauma. Divorce is an ordeal for both spouses and the one who leaves the family and those who leave are in a state of emotional tension not only during divorce, but also after it. Will be especially hard to deal with a breakup a woman awaiting the birth of the baby. So the man who decided to end the relationship with his wife, who is in an interesting position, must take care of her health.
Stress a pregnant woman is passed to her baby, and he is also suffering. The least a man can do in this situation is to announce your intention as calmer and gentler, because of the sharp stress the girl can happen even miscarriage. Try to be especially sensitive. Choose a time when your wife is in a good mood and try to explain to her the reasons for his decision. In no case do not raise her voice, and this doesn't escalate the situation.
When about the upcoming event will be reported, we can begin to act. First, when divorce is taken into account the presence of already born children together. If any, such a process can only be done through the courts. If children together yet, but the wife does not want to part with you, the court can not be avoided, and pregnancy your women the judge will be considered only in its favor.
If your wife agrees to divorce, she can still apply to the court if needs financial support of the former spouse, and he is not going to help. The man required by law to contain a pregnant woman and her unborn child up until the child turns 3 years.
Best of all, of course, to wait a little with divorce, after all, time puts everything in its place. Maybe when the baby is born, a life values change, but the man did not want to leave his wife and from his child. A few months will fly by very quickly, and one mistake may be your whole life, not only yours but also the life of your child.