For setting the channel you can use the remote control, you can do without it, the menu will be the same. So, choose the button on the remote "Menu" and click on it. If the menu is in Russian, it is all the easier if the menu is in English, first change the language. To do this, click the bottom button on the remote and move the pointer to the appearance of the word Language, then change the language to Russian.
After entering the mode menu, move the pointer until the setting mode, press it, and before you appears a few points: the "Manual tuning" and "Auto adjust". If the channels are configured first, then use the "Automatic Setup".
The TV will automatically search for channels and memorize them in that order, and it is not very convenient, because for many it is considered the usual arrangement: 1 – "the First channel", 2 – "Russia 1", etc. Therefore, after auto setup is complete, take a sheet of paper and write down all the configured channels.
Further ongoing personal channel tuning. To do this, go to menu "Manual setup", there you will see several sub-items. Consider what they need.The item "channel Number" is necessary in order to make the channel in the place where it is convenient for you, that is NTV on the fourth button of remote, etc. the Item "Range". TV can work in three ranges, most often in the setting they switch automatically, but on some brands of TVs need to be switched manually. The item "Frequency" is needed in order to know at what frequency is the channel.The item "fine tuning" helps to fine-tune the channel, it is possible to improve signal quality.
Also in the menu there is an option to Save after all settings", press it and save the channel number. The item "channel setup" works like this: put the channel number, for example 1 and in "Frequency" looking for "channel", then click "Save". Continue on until, until all are in place. All configuration is complete.