Use the search function for all available TV channels for the following brands Sony Bravia in automatic mode. On the TV front panel button "Menu". Hold it a few seconds to start the channel settings. For these purposes you can also use the remote control. On the TV screen will show "Menu" and "Automatic channel search". Please wait until setup channels found. After the procedure is completed, your TV will switch to normal mode for viewing.
You can configure the channels manually. To start this mode using a special button on your remote control or panel of the Sony TV. The frequency channels configured by pressing +- . Then take care of adjusting the quality of the signal using the "Fine tuning". Repeat these steps with each television channel.
In the TV menu to switch from one item to another, use the buttons to adjust the volume. On some TV models of Sony's brand found in the automatic search mode should be fixed for subsequent save by pressing certain buttons on the remote control.
Locate the manual for your TV Sony Bravia and read it. Pay attention to the section on setting up channels. If you do not provide this manual along with the kit TV system, then you can download it on the official website of Sony or using other Internet resources. If you are unable to configure the channels on your TV, then call technical support. There you detail in detail explains the whole setup process, from beginning to end. Phone service is specified in the documentation.
If you use the satellite equipment, not conventional antenna, then adjust the channels on the receiver.