You will need
  • - Scan holder;
  • - bushings for the king pins;
  • - pins;
  • - o-rings;
  • - cover gasket king pin;
  • shim axle left fist;
  • - epiploon of a half shaft;
  • - thrust bearing king pin;
  • - an adjusting washer;
  • - wedge pin;
  • press oiler angular;
  • - cotter pins;
  • - grease the CV joint;
  • sealant thread;
  • - WD-40;
  • - carb cleaner;
  • - lube for the pins;
  • - fixture to replace silentblocks;
  • - a device to replace wheel bearings;
  • - gas burner;
  • - locksmith tool;
  • - head set;
  • - movable boards.
To change the pin on the Gazelle, grab the following tools: reamer with holder, sleeve pins, pins, o-rings, cover gasket shaft gasket axle left knuckle, drive axle shaft seals, thrust bearing, king pin, adjusting washer, wedge pin, grease fitting corner, cotter pins, grease joint, thread sealant, WD-40, carb cleaner, the grease for the pins.
Also, take the fixture to replace silentblocks fixture to replace the wheel bearings, gas burners, bench tools, a set of heads. When you work most convenient to use rolling Board.
It should be noted that in the absence of experience in plumbing work, you should have extra seals, bushings and wedge the king pin, to further avoid wasting time. So, drain the oil from the axle, support the axle, put the stops and remove the wheels. Remove brake caliper, disk. Next remove the brake shield and remove the drive Assembly with the bearing housing.
Remove the steering nozzle. Here remove the bottom oil can. Remove the cap from the pin and valve lubrication. In the lower pin from the top remove the cork. Soak the pins, remove the second side the same way. Vyprazdnit pins, in this case, you may need to heat.
Carefully scrub the dirt from the removed nodes and inspect them. Prepressure bushings, greased them outside the Joint. The upper sleeve pressed flush with the chassis, check the visibility of the hole for grease outlet. Install the bushings vertically, pouring oil and cleaning the scan. The pin should enter from the push of a finger.
Remove all shavings and inspect the channel of the spiral lubrication. If necessary, adjust the drive axle shaft seals, after you grease the edges with butter.
Check the king pin in the axle. Collect all threaded connections on Cruse. Review axial movement of the fist. Install the grease gun, cap pin, valve grease to the grease outlet. Check out all of the completely and lubricate oil neck drive, insert the drive. Collect all in reverse sequence.