You will need
  • - spare parts;
  • tools.
Before starting the repair work themselves, prepare the place where it would be convenient to disassemble the engine, for example, it could be a garage or box. Remove the motor from the Gazelle, then disassemble it, proporciona every detail.
Check out every detail of a disassembled motor for defects and damage. Upon detection of defective parts replace the old with the new.
Renovations start with adjustment of level of fuel. Then start adjustment of system idle speed, check the adjustment of the gas distribution system, and pour the supernatant from the tank fuel. If you suddenly discovered that the economizer idling is faulty, then connect the tube of the locking mechanism with a tube, which is located on the second side of the carb.
Engine repair may require the elimination of problems associated with faults in work of cylinders. Sometimes it may even require a replacement distributor. Upon detection of breakdown, be sure to replace the wire a high pressure.
When it detects high concentration of exhaust gases, adjust the carburetor and adjust the ignition timing. If suddenly the candles discovered carbon deposits, replace or adjust the spark gap between the electrodes.
If a car has increased fuel consumption, engine repair, start with the carb settings. Only after properly configured, proceed to checking the air filter, and then adjust the ignition.
Take care of recovery tightness of the fuel tank and all wires. If suddenly it turned out that faulty suspension, set optimal pressure in tires.