You will need
  • - pit, the platform or boom lift;
  • - set of wrenches and sockets;
  • - screwdriver
For dismantling the clutch, first disconnect the lever from the transmission. To do this, from the cockpit lift up the rubber seal and Unscrew the cap at the base of the lever and pull the lever up. Disconnect the spring and the lever cable Parking brake. Disassemble the propeller shaft. From the transmission, disconnect the speedometer cable and wire the reversing lights.
Remove the bolts holding the master cylinder from the starter, lift the cylinder with the push rod up, without disconnecting from it a hose. Remove the clutch fork by removing the bolt on the frame of the case. Unscrew mounting bolts and remove the lower part of the clutch housing. Then remove the bracket that connects the pipe to the muffler. The cross member of the back support of the power unit, disconnect the brackets from the side members.
Unscrewing the nuts on the studs, remove the transmission along with clutch and clutch bearings. Remove the gasket between the crankcases clutch and gearbox. Look at the flywheel of the engine casing and clutch pressure plate combined mark. If not, apply them yourself. After that, Unscrew the pressure plate mounting bolts clutch and flywheel, slowly rotating the crankshaft. Through the lower door, remove the clutch plates from his case.
Remove the hydraulic clutch. To do this, disconnect the hose from the cylinder and drain off the liquid from the hydraulic system. Disconnect and remove the slave cylinder with the pushrod. Remove the clutch pedal return spring. Disconnect the pusher cylinder and the clutch pedal. Of the lugs of the pusher, remove two bushings. Axis pedals clutch and brake rassheplenia and remove, then remove the pedal. From master cylinder, disconnect the hose, and then remove the cylinder.
Installing a new clutch guide in reverse order. Pre-lay the grease in the bearing shaft. flywheel and clutch pressure plate, wipe with gasoline. When installing the clutch its the clutch disc should face that says "Forward" to the flywheel. Marks on clutch cover and flywheel should be aligned.
Guide the centering of the drive element and the axis of the crankshaft. For this special mandrel set in a spline hole of the driven disc to the other end of the mandrel into the hole of the ball bearing of the flywheel. In the absence of a mandrel, use a spare input shaft for the transmission.