To call a landline in Germany from a landline phone from Russia, dial 8. After hearing the long beep, press 10, then the country code 49, area code and subscriber number. Codes of German cities are three-digit numbers, phone numbers of the seven. For example, to call the Russian Embassy in Berlin dial home device 8-10-49-030-2291110.
To call from a cell phone dial +49, code of the German operator, the subscriber's number. So after the country code 49 you must dial 10 more digits. The cost of the service check with your service provider.
Purchase a map of IP-telephony the company providing this service. On the map you will see your personal number and password, they are covered with a special protective layer. Gently wipe it off. Enter the phone number of the company providing the service. After you heard the greeting of the answering machine, switch to tone dialling by pressing*. Follow the instructions on the answering machine and call a personal number on the card, then the password. The voice on the phone will ask you to press " # " key. After this, enter the code of Germany is 49, then the area code and subscriber number. With the cards of IP-telephony you can make calls to mobile, do this after you enter the country code, operator code and the number. Calls can be made from landlines and cell phones.
Sign up on the website Using this program to communicate via the Internet you can make free video calls with other users. You can also make calls to mobile and landline phones at low rates. Creating your username, find it by using search engine person who want to talk, add to contacts. To call with the image check the web camera, click "Video call" or "Video call", wait for connection and connect.