You will need
  • Passport
  • The documents for a visa
  • Tickets
  • A hotel reservation or an invitation
Select a trip. The time of year depends on the program of your holiday. For example, at Christmas you can enjoy the beauty of the city, visit various fairs and to try traditional Christmas dishes. Summer is best suited for exploring the parks and museums. In addition, if you have selected the most popular period, when many tourists go to the country, take care of the visa in advance.
Select the hotel where you will live while traveling and reserve a room there. Without confirmation about the booked hotel permission to enter the country you will not.
If you go to Germany to stay with relatives or friends, arrange a special invitation from those who have you will be staying. For guest and business visa you will need to provide the original invitation. In addition, when the visitor's visa you will need to provide a statement of commitment, prepared by the who invites you, no earlier than 6 months before the planned travel date.
Book tickets for a train, bus or plane, depending on convenience and your personal preference. Today it can be done in almost any air and railway cash Desk, and also on many Internet sites.
Prepare documents for the visa. Among them: three pictures, filled out in Russian or German language profile (except name, surname and date of birth – write them in Latin as written in the passport). You will also need a passport, health card, Russian passport or copy its pages, a letter certifying financial solvency or Bank account statement, statement of responsibility, ticket, invitation or hotel information.
Prepare the money for the visa. It usually comes to 35 euros.
Apply for export permit of the child if traveling with a minor.
Deliver the documents to the German Embassy. To date, the German Embassy located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. To come to the Consulate, make an appointment by phone, but remember, you must do so no later than two weeks before the trip.
Three days after the submission of documents will call the Embassy to make sure that your documents are ready. Take away the visa.
Create a detailed travel plan and start collecting things.