For free calls abroad, you can use Evaphone website. However, free calls will work twice a day for two minutes. The rest of the time you will need to pay. But there are calls when two minutes of conversation is enough. So despite some of the shortcomings of the website is a very good option.
On the website PokeTalk quite a bit of information on the Internet, but it is perhaps its only drawback. To call it anywhere in the world, and not only from computer but also from your phone. Every registered user can call for free 50 times a month for 10 minutes.
The company "Betamax" provides a convenient program FreeCall. Program you need to download from the website absolutely for free and install on PC but the source should also have this software. Free calls there is a limit of 300 minutes per week. To make such calls, you must have at least 10 euros. Some users complain of poor communication.
The service should install iCall on your computer or mobile only to those who are calling to Canada or the United States, calls to other countries it is paid. The time limit on the free call is 5 minutes, and such calls can do 12 per day. The main drawback of the website is that it is not Russified.
Almost everyone who calls to friends or relatives abroad will fit the website Flash2voip. To download it's not necessary. You can call directly from the site in more than 30 countries around the world.
Very good for international calls Globe 7 server. If you have a balance of $ 5, you can call anywhere in the month. Impute is the Russian version of the site, but its description still in English.