You can use the standard recording of telephone numbers adopted in Russia. First enter the code of your country. Code of Russia and Kazakhstan - 7, code of Ukraine - 380, Belarus is 375. The country code is recorded with the "+" sign and, for calls from a cell phone and dialed. To make an international call from a landline phone, dial 8-10-country code.
Then write the code of your city or area code if you live in a small village. For mobile phones specify the code of the mobile operator. The code is written with a space, no brackets or dashes. The codes you can look in the phone book or the Internet for reference websites.
Further, thepigsite your phone number, separating by a hyphen, two digits from the end: XXX-XX-XX or XX-XX-XX, or X-XX-XX or XX-XX. The whole room, for example, to Kostroma will look like this: +7 4942 XX-XX-XX.
Accurate recording standard phone numbers in the world. In other countries, the format of writing the phone numbers may vary. Instead of hyphens you can use spaces like this: XXX XX XX. In France in the separator can be points: +33.XXXXX. The U.S. has adopted a form record: +1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Code of the city or region while separated by parentheses and intraband room is divided into two parts. For example, in this format you need to include your phone number when registering on the Microsoft website.
By entering into a foreign site your phone number for registration, you may receive a message that the number is wrong. In this case, when writing, focus on the sample, which is usually given.