Find the access code to international relations in the country in which you currently are. For example, to call a mobile in Russia from USA from a landline phone, dial "011" and the international code of Germany or Ukraine corresponds to "00". If you are calling from a mobile phone, dial the access code is a " + " sign. To find out code mobile phone of any country, belonging of a number to a certain operator and other information, you can use one of the relevant online resources.
Enter the telephone code of Russia, such as the number "7". Followed by the area code and subscriber number (the total amount of numbers is usually less than 10). Long distance access code ("8") don't have to dial.
If you want to call mobile in Russia using your cell phone, make sure that you have connected roaming. In this case, you do not need to enter any special combinations. Just dial the number of the desired subscriber via the "+7" and call him. The total number of input symbols in the dialed subscriber's number is 12. Thus, the room will look similar to the following: +7 906 123 45 67.