To make a call on the Ukrainian mobile phone number in international format: +38 , where 38 is the international telephone code of Ukraine. Three digits after the 38 – means the code of the mobile operator of Ukraine. Next, dial the subscriber number itself.
Each Ukrainian operator, respectively, its code: 039 - Golden Telecom, 063, 093 - Life, 066, 095, 068– Beeline 092 - PEOPLEnet, 094 - Intertelecom. Codes for calls to Kyivstar: 067, 096, 097 – Djuice, 098 – numbers. Codes operators MTS: 050, 095, 066 – Jeans, 099 – Jeans, EKOTEL.
So, in order to call from a mobile in Ukraine, click the +, then dial 38, then the code of the Ukrainian operator, for example, 067 – Kyivstar and the room itself. It looks like this: +38067YYYNNN1 – call button - given the mobile number of Kyivstar. However, the room itself is separate from the code is not used.
To call from a landline phone, you need to know not only the number, but the area code in which you are calling. Dial the access code for a trunk call, wait for dial tone, then dial the access code for international communication – 38067YYYNNN1.Thus, for calls to Ukraine from Russia, the pattern set is: 8 - (beep) - 00-38067YYYNNN1.
Pay special attention to the fact that you're seeing in the Ukraine codes 070, 0703, 090, 0 900. This is not the code of the Ukrainian operators. This is the paid rooms as established firms that provide consulting services (the cost of the call is always present next to a phone number), and all sorts of scams. Room 090, 0 900 - this night lottery, online voting, recording on a reality show. Call on these numbers will lead to leak quite a large amount, so you should think twice before calling this number.