International call to Poland to Ukraine and Russia

There are simple rules for international dialing. To call any foreign country, you need to enter the code for intercity communications, and the international code then the country code you want to call, area code and the phone number.

For example, to call from Ukraine to Poland from a stationary phone, you need to dial 00-48-22-112-23-23. In this case, "00" is the exit code "48" – country code for Poland, "22" code of the city of Warsaw, and then the 7-digit city number. If you need to call from Ukraine to Poland from your mobile phone, it is almost as good as landline. But instead of the exit code "00", enter the " + " symbol. Get this: +48-22-112-23-23. Call to Poland from Russia is on the same principle, only need to enter a different code of international communication.

So, to call to Poland from Russia, using a landline phone, you must dial 8 (intercity connection), then wait for the beep and dial "10" (code for international line), then you must enter the code Polish code of Warsaw (or any other city) and the subscriber number. Total to make a phone call to Warsaw you need to dial 810-48-22 - 112-23-23.

Call to Poland from Russia from your mobile phone performed just as well. The only thing that code is "810", you can enter the " + " sign. And get a room +48-22-223-23-23.

If the call is made from a landline phone, the cost of one minute depends on your phone company and connected rate. Also the cost may vary if the call was made at a gala day or night.

As for the cell phone, in this case, the cost will be much less than from stationary phones. But it all depends on the country from which you are calling, the mobile operator and the selected tariff.

International call to Poland via Skype

The easiest way is to call to Poland (or any other country) through a special software to communicate – Skype. And it's completely free. All you need is the program installed on your computer and having access to the Internet (and similarly for your partner). This program allows you to see the interlocutor (if available a web camera and instantly send photos, documents and other files for sharing.