You will need
  • landline or mobile phone
To call another city, you must perform the following sequence of actions. Grab your phone and after it appears a continuous signal, dial "8" - index, through which there is access to intercity service.
Then dial the area code in which you are going to call. The called number is dialed last. As an example, consider a call to Novosibirsk. To call you need to collect the following long-distance number: 8-383-XXX-XX-XX.
Often when you call along with the connection index code, city code and subscriber number is also required to enter the code operator telephone long distance carrier that you chose for the connection. In this case, we say that the number was dialed in the "hot-choice" or, in other words, in the mode of selection of the operator for long-distance communication.
To date services long distance telephone services in our country is governed by 7 operators. Is LLC "Ekvant", JSC "Rostelecom", OJSC "MTT" (OJSC "interregional Transit Telecom"), JSC "STSs Sovintel" JSC "Arktel", CJSC "Synterra" CJSC "Company TransTeleCom".
If the call occurs through the long distance operator long-distance communication MTT, the call number will look as follows (the example is still call to Novosibirsk): 8-53-383-XXX-XX-XX.
If the selected OJSC "Rostelecom", 8-55-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
If you call with JSC "STSs Sovintel", trunk room will look 8-51-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
LLC "Ekvant": 8-54-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
CJSC "Company TransTeleCom": 8-52-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
CJSC "Synterra": 8-22-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
JSC "Arktel": 8-21-383 - XXX-XX-XX.
It should be noted that in addition to long-distance calls, the above operators carry out long-distance communication challenges of an international scale.