Make a layout for a frame two-post lifts. Note that the bumper car will go beyond the "gate" on 2 meters. Take care and easy check-in machine. Be sure to calculate the height of the ceiling of the room where you will install the mechanism. It should be such that the vehicle is raised to maximum height, placed with the open trunk and the hood.
Make the layout of Foundation, and place stands under the car lift. The Foundation should be slightly larger for the square placement of racks and in depth down to 30 cm Make the reinforcement of the Foundation metal products.
Install the frame of the car lift. When installing, note the level of the longitudinal and transverse fields. Note that the frame of the forklift truck can move when casting concrete solution.
Insert the Foundation bolts into the holes for fastening. The length of the part should be at least 200 mm. the shape of the bolt must be inverted 180 degrees. the number "7". This will help to ensure that the bolt does not rotate to get. Also tighten the nuts with a subsequent tightening after drying of the concrete.
Attach to the frame of the rack. Align the height of placement of the carriage on the uprights for screw jacks and think the pull cable for hydraulic.
Put on the chain. Tighten the bolts that secure the rack. Deviations from the vertical to correct by placing a metal plate under the rack.
Assemble electric equipment using the electric circuit. Invite for this professional. It will depend on the main work of a car lift.
Start car and check that the movements set by buttons "Up" and "Down".