You will need
  • - worm gear;
  • - bolts M8;
  • - metal corners;
  • the asterisks;
  • - chain;
  • - metal hook;
  • - steel wires.
Use for the manufacture of fork-lift self-locking worm gear. This device is recommended for the production of single works on dismantling of units of the car, as in daily operation of the worm pair gradually becomes loose and no longer reliably hold the load.
Hook up to the side wall of your garage two steel angle size mm. 80х80х10 to house the parts should be so accepted hood of the car was beneath them.
Install shelves at corners of steel plate with a minimum thickness of 10 mm To the plate attach bolts worm gear. For secure attachment you will need at least eight M8 bolts. The stove should not be connected with the corners to be able to control its position above the car engine.
Worm gear head from decommissioned machine tools. The best would be if the gearbox has a gear ratio of 60 and can move cargo weighing not less than 300 kg.
The drive shaft of the reducer is put on the sprocket with chain (suitable sprocket from a moped "Karpaty"). The chain is thread through the hole of the plate and connect into the ring. Hole under the chain make with a diameter of 20 mm.
To the output (load) shaft attach the smaller sprocket and freely throw her chain terminated by a hook. Skip the chain through the hole in the plate, making it a diameter of 25-28 mm.
To use the lift first, disconnect the engine from the vehicle frame. Then, move under the machine hinges are made from steel cable and fit the ends of the loops on the hook.
Hand over hand linked ring chain, turn the drive shaft of the gearbox. The rotation is transmitted to the cargo shaft, and the cables are stretched. Raise the engine until, until it goes outside of the engine compartment. Reducer will securely hold the dismantled unit. Now you can move on a table or other base, where renovations will be carried out.