You will need
  • - installation kit for mounting the electrical winch;
  • - rectangular profile 25х50 mm;
  • - rolled steel with a thickness of 4 mm;
  • - steel tube with an inner diameter of 12 mm;
  • - four bolts M10.
Use to install the winch on the vehicle a special bracket. The most simple is the design known as "Area under the Come-Up 6000", made of steel sheet with a thickness of 8 mm.
Put the pad to the edges of the spars and attach with three bolts. The lack of constructive solutions is the inconvenience of tightening bolts and the lack of necessary rigidity of the connection.
Apply for mounting the winch device offered by Ulyanovsk automobile repairing plant, which is among car enthusiasts, the name "bracket Chevy-Niva". It is a simplified copy of the installation kit to attach the electric winch supplied with the Chevrolet Niva Trophy. Installation of the device produce, guided by the manual of the fixture.
Improve device offered by Ulyanovsk automobile repairing plant. To this end, the mounting place to the spar, drill an additional hole through which will be implemented by the hardware.
Profile bracket follow through-holes, insert the bolts and weld the exit and entry of fasteners from the profile. To give the structure additional rigidity to the "horns" of the bracket, weld the gusset plate.
Prepared profiles attach with four bolts. Assembly of the spar should lie exactly on the profiles. The design is asymmetrical, as on the right side rail has a towing loop.
Before you install the device for mounting the winch pull both ends of the spars and drill out the welds. For installation details, consult the user manual for the fixture Ulyanovsk manufacturers. Fundamental differences in the process of installing factory fit and modernized your site is not.