Advice 1: How to calculate hectares

Measures of areas in different people differ. In Russia land plots was measured by tithing, and existing types of this measure differed by area and by name. In the dictionary V. dal described state, cotenna, round, Astrakhan tithes, and they were used until the introduction of the metric system.
How to calculate hectares
You will need
  • fathom;
  • rope;
  • - GPS Navigator.
Please note that the term "hectare" also refers to the tithe - 1 hectare. equal to 11/12 of tithing. Old measures long forgotten and not used, although their names there are, for example, in literary works. You may have heard of what a mile, fathom, cubit, step – all these measures had a certain value. Verst is 500 fathoms, or 1066,8 m step is equal to 71 cm In the old days, long distances measured by miles. Today we can use the formula for calculating the area and find the product of length and width of the plot.
Keep in mind that one hectare is an area with sides of 100 x 100 m or 10,000 sq. m. hectares to calculate the acres, you get 100 acres, because the acres is 100 sq. m. Previously, in order to calculate such a large plot of land, farmers used wooden cubit. This measure differed in purpose and size, for example, oblique seven feet 2.48 m, or primaries fathom - 1,76 m. Later for these purposes to use the rope.
Calculate large areas of land with the help of sophisticated technological devices, for example, a GPS receiver, fitted to the car. Using the GPS Navigator you will be able to objectively assess the boundaries of the area and specify its location. Denoting field boundaries, create e-card - enter data into the computer.
To view the actual size of parcel, use of satellite navigation systems. For agricultural land, such a system can be very useful. You will be able to clarify the specifics of each field to examine the yield, and the recorded information to use for future crops. Plan the schedules of work, needs in equipment, fuel, seeds and fertilizers. This system can be suitable for gardening, because, calculating the yield, you can determine the "value" of each part separately.
Useful advice
Analyze the data and create routing that can be used for more precise farming.

Advice 2 : How to convert hectare to square kilometer

The standard unit of area is square meter, and is also a multiple of the unit – square kilometer. However, when measuring the area of land square meters, and kilometers are rarely used. In Russia, typically used such units as ar (weaving, one hundred square metres) and the hectare (one-hundred-ar). If the plot size is specified in hectares, then it can easily be translated into square kilometers.
How to convert hectare to square kilometer
You will need
  • calculator;
  • pencil;
  • paper.
To convert area measured in hectares, square kilometers, divide the number of hectares by 100 (or multiply by 0.01). As a formula this rule would resemble the following:

KKK = Kg / 100
KKK = Kg * 0,01
KKK – the number of square kilometers
Kg – number of hectares.
Example: the area of the field is 10 hectares.

Question: how many square kilometers is equal to the area of this field?

Solution: 10 * 0,01 = 0,1.

Answer: the area of the field is 0.1 square kilometers.
If you do not have a calculator to translate hectares in square kilometers, take a paper and pencil. Then just move the decimal point in the number of hectares on the two digits to the left:

123,456 -> 1,23456,
that is, 123,456 hectares correspond 1,23456 square kilometers.
If the left of the decimal point has no two digits, you must add the number of insignificant zeros:

1,23456 -> 001,23456 -> 0,0123456.
If the decimal point in a number of hectares not at all (i.e. the number of hectares is an integer), then assign this point to the right of the number and shift it as described above, i.e.:

123456 -> 123456, -> 1234,56
1 -> 1, -> 001, -> 0,01
If the number of square kilometers (as in the last example) came out to be less than unity, then the result sometimes it is clearer to look in square meters. In the translation area from square kilometers to square meters, note that in one square kilometre – one million square meters. I.e. number of kilometers / square will need to be multiplied by 1,000,000. Then of 0.01 km2 from the previous example can be written as:
0,01 * 1000000 = 10000 (m2).
Thus, it appears that one hectare is ten thousand square meters.
To avoid confusion in the transfer area from one unit to another, use the following sign:

1 ar = 1 sotka = 100m2 = 0,0001 km2;
1 ha = 100 ar = 100 "Ares" = 10,000 m2 = 0,01 km2.

Advice 3 : How to convert acres to hectares

A common unit of area of farmland plots is "weaving", i.e., one hundred square meters. In addition, the "weaving" is a hundredth of a hectare, and one ar. Of course, in the measurement space used and more standard units, square meter and multiples unit square kilometer. But in agriculture these units for measurement of land parcel areas are very rare.
How to convert acres to hectares
You will need
  • calculator;
  • - handle;
  • paper.
To translate the area given in acres, hectares (ha), divide the number of acres per 100 (can be multiplied by a factor of 0.01). As a formula this can be written as follows:Kg = KS / 100, or Kg = KS * 0,01 where:KS is the number of acres,Kg – the number of hectares.
Example: the area of the standard suburban area is 6 acres.Question: how many hectares is equal to the area of?Solution: 6 * 0,01 = 0,06 ha. Answer: the standard size of suburban area — 0,06 ha.
To translate acres into hectares , you can simply move the decimal point in the number of acres on the two digits to the left:234,56 -> 2,3456, that is 234,56 acres meet 2,3456 hectare.If left of the decimal point are not enough digits, you must add their insignificant zeros:2,3456 -> 002,3456 -> 0,023456.If the decimal point in the number of acres is not at all (i.e., the amount of acres is an integer), then pririsuyte the decimal point to the right of the number, and then transfer it as described above:2 -> 002, -> 0,02
If the number of hectares in the result of conversion is too small (e.g., as in the latter case), the result is clearer to write in square meters.To convert the area value from hectares to square meters, please note that the hectare - ten thousand square meters. I.e. the number of hectares will need to be multiplied by 10000. Then 0.02 ha of the previous example can be presented as 0.02 * 10000 = 200 m2.
To avoid mistakes in the translation area of the agricultural units in the physical and Vice versa, use the following ratios:1 sotka = 1 ar = 100 m2 = 0,0001 km2;100 "Ares" = 100 ar = 1 hectare = 10000 m2 = 0,01 km2.

Advice 4 : Acres, acres and hectares: how to measure the area

If earlier almost all plots had the same dimensions and were measured in acres, now many land owners were custom owners of land on which are erected various buildings. The question arises: how to measure land?
Acres, acres and hectares: how to measure the area

Units of measure areas of land

Unit of measure an acre more known in America, and we have acres, hectares or Ares. Known since Soviet times 6 acres in terms of hectares 0.06 hectares.

To measure the area you need to measure its width, length, and multiply each other. In this case, the resulting plot size in sq. m. Plot of a more complicated shape is measured by dividing it into squares, rectangles or trapezoids. Next, separately calculate the area of each figure and sum the total area. Taking a measurement without a surveying instrument, possible errors and inaccuracies. In Australia, Canada, USA and UK land measure is the acre. One acre is equal to 4046 sq. m.

The concept of weaving entered in our everyday life since Soviet times. Weaving – this is the same ar, an area equal to 100 sq. m. it is easiest to measure the area of a square or rectangular shape. For example, our plot length is 50 m, and the width 42 m. the yard covers an Area of 2100 square meters, and dividing by 100, it turns out that we own 21 acres. In case plot size is more than one hundred acres, to measure its area in hectares better. 100 acres is 1 hectare.

Tools for measuring land

The major means of land measurement are measuring devices: range finders (laser, light or sound), total stations, haughty towers, and others. To obtain high accuracy, the owner should contact the land company. Today the examination of land use the results of surveys. There are three main ways of measuring:
- the method of measurement of the indentation;
- the linear method;
- triangle method.

At the beginning of the work, should establish a baseline against which further measurements are carried out. The measurement process is performed along the centerlines of the handrails. What to do if there are no guidelines? In this case, the specialist exposes the conventional boundaries. Triangle method is used to measure plots of rectangular or square shape with tape. For the custom sites need to make all the necessary measurements such as, direction of bends, angles, notches, and position of structures. In the future, if you forget the transfer method area, you can take advantage of the online calculator.

For the development of domestic gardening is very important to know how to measure land. The average in the area of 10 acres you can plant about 20 trees, 40 bushes of berries and a few dozen strawberry bushes. And it's not just fresh fruit and berries, but also the enrichment of air with oxygen.
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