Check the compatibility of headset with your Sony Ericsson phone in order to ensure that the mobile is designed for use with this type of headset. Before use, charge your phone and headset from the AC charger.
To connect the headset to your phone Sony Ericsson needed to create a unique wireless channel between two devices. To do this, turn on your Sony Ericsson phone. Turn your existing pre-charged headsetby pressing and holding the "Answer/end call". After you hear a beep, the headset will be included, what will inform a flashing light on it.
Menu Sony Ericsson phone, locate the Bluetooth tab, go into it and search for new devices. After the phone finds the headsetyou want to connect, you'll need to pair the two devices. To do this, confirm your cell phone on whether you want to pair with the headset connected, clicking on the "Yes"button.
After this, your Sony Ericsson mobile phone will require you to enter a security code. The default is 0000. Enter the code and confirm it by pressing again the "Yes" button. Once paired, the gadget will be connected to your phoneand it will the corresponding indicator light on the headset. After the first pairing the headset with your mobile phone, you will find the gadget in the auto mode.