You will need
  • - the presence of at least four adult individuals;
  • a spacious aquarium;
  • - aerator;
  • siphon for changing water;
  • thermometer;
  • artificial shelters made of ceramics.
Purchase at least four of ancistrus fry. Usually in nature the ratio of male and female som is 1:1 or 1:2, so if you have multiple instances of view the chances for a married couple increases.
кормление сома
Wait until the fish grow up. Eight month age of aquarium catfish-shiners begin to show sex differences. To year they become bright enough.
сомик прилипала кормление
Try to determine the gender of soms by their appearance. If all fish of the same litter were kept in the same conditions, females and males will differ in size. With good care and feeding of ancistrus grow very quickly, however, the limit for adults in a large aquarium – 14-16 see this "man" is longer, larger and slimmer of her friends.
как разводить аквариумных улиток ампулярий
Consider the structure of the som. One of the sexual differences of ancistrus – their fins. Those located on the back, Mature females have a lower height. Tail fins "women" is already noticeable.
как различать рыб
Important sexual sign catfish-the male is a long, branching "antennae" - the leathery spines on top of its head and on its edges. "Bearded" females are rare; occasionally, some representatives of this genus armored catfishes you can see a small "horns" on the edges of the head.
как отлечить пол у золотых рыбок
Observe the behavior of ancistrus that can tell you their gender. Usually the cleaners are calm, are active only at dusk and night. However in a close aquarium, the males often fight among themselves. Females have a more peaceful disposition.
Create the conditions for spawning – then to determine the gender of a catfish during the breeding season would be easy. Replace the water in the tank at 30% volume, lower water temperature (24 degrees), simulate natural rains need strong aeration.
Put on the bottom of the various shelters (hollow ceramic tube and the vessels are elongated). If the aquarium has a heterosexual couple, the result will not keep itself waiting long – ancistrus breed up to six times a year.
Watch out for catfish during the spawning period especially vigilant. Usually the male takes the first bottom cover and received thoroughly clean the sucker. The female sneaks into the nest in the second turn and throws the game in the form of yellow-orange clusters. Making his case, she immediately left the "apartment" and no longer participate in reproduction. Caring father fertilizes the egg and starts: the future of fry fanning fins, bringing fresh water. He vigilantly watches over his offspring. Only after the emergence of fry (about the fifth to sixth day) ancistrus-dad comes to freedom.