Advice 1: How to care for guppies

Guppy is a small fish with an interesting bright color. Many breeders of fish inhabit their aquariums guppies, which have a good survival rate. Their content does not need expensive equipment or any complex water system. Care of guppy will not be difficult.
How to care for guppies
You will need
  • aquarium;
  • food;
  • - fluorescent lamp;
  • filter;
  • - pebbles or coarse sand;
  • plants.
Special maintenance is required only when breeding of breeding fish species. For purebred guppies you will need an aquarium that holds at least 50 liters of water. You need to care also about the level of acidity of water (pH about 7). For common types of guppies, it is sufficient to draw water from the tap and stand during the day (you can skip through a household filter). The optimum water temperature – 24C, if the temperature is below -18 ºc, then it is likely that the guppies will pick up the disease. High temperature leads to reduction of the life cycle and the degeneration of individuals.
On the bottom of the aquarium, pour small pebbles or coarse river sand, place a few bushes undemanding plants, which like to hide fish. Guppies are very active aquarium fish that can jump out of the water. So it is recommended that the height of the rim at least 7 inches above the water level, close the container lid. Combine lighting with sunlight and artificial lighting during the day. Thoroughbred types of guppy requires the installation of special devices for aeration and water filtration.
Feeding guppies is an important point in maintenance of fish. It is impossible to give individuals too much feed, as this leads to its deposition on the bottom, from which the water quickly deteriorates. Adult guppies need to be fed once a day, in small portions and at a certain time. Fish grow well from the live feed, so you should give them bloodworms, Daphnia, rotifers, and mosquito larvae. To maintain the brightness of the color of guppy will allow modern feed additive containing vitamins and minerals. Once a week you need to arrange guppies fasting day.
Breeding guppies takes place without creating special conditions. Females and males acquire the ability to proliferate at the age of four months. The shape of the abdomen female, you can determine the approach of childbirth (the abdomen becomes angular shape). Put the female in a separate container. When the light will fry, guppies can be returned to a common tank. The fry should be kept for some time separately, until they're old enough, because guppies eat their own babies.
Once a week you need to clean the aquarium. It is advisable to remove uneaten food and replace the third part of the fresh water. The added water must be of the same hardness and temperature and the main. The life expectancy of guppies averages three years. For disease prevention guppies need to add aquarium salt (teaspoon per 10 liters of water). Remember that cleanliness is the key to health, so cleaning of the aquarium is an indispensable condition of contents guppy.

Advice 2 : How to care for guppy fry

Guppy is a very popular fish that you can buy in the special stores at a relatively low price. Optionally, you can also breed them, but only under the condition that the fry will be provided proper care.
How to care for guppy fry

The basics of caring for guppy fry in a community tank

The most important rule that must be followed to the people who choose to raise fry with adults, says that you need to carefully monitor the amount of food and never to get guppies to starve. The fact that this fish may eat the fry if the feed is not enough. Furthermore, it is desirable that the fry was a private shelter, a special part of the tank where you pour out some feed for them. This will ensure the relative safety of small fish.

Select for young plants with long stems and small leaves. They help create a protected space in the aquarium and arrange for kids comfortable housing next to the adults.

As feed for fingerlings of guppy in the first weeks of life, you can use a brine shrimp. After 4-5 weeks after the appearance of fish on light add to their diet of Tubifex and bloodworms. Don't forget to carefully grind food, so the fish could eat. Give them food at least 3 times a day. It is desirable to pour a little more food than they can eat at once, so that later, fry had the opportunity to eat. Bring food as close as possible to the plants, where they live small guppies, so they do not have to swim to be an adult.

How to keep guppy fry in a separate tank

Constantly watch for the appearance of the fish. Fry guppies should have a big round belly. It is also important that they eat too much and refused to feed. If the kids don't want to eat, they may be sick, or you are wrong to keep them and provide inappropriate care.

For fry guppy suitable aquarium with a volume of approximately 20-40 litres with high-quality aeration and with many small plants. It is desirable not to Supplement the housing of fish with soil, otherwise you will only complicate the process of caring for kids.

When growing guppy fry in a separate aquarium, it is necessary to constantly monitor the temperature and water quality. In any case it is impossible to pour into a container not settled water from the tap – it is necessary to leave it for 2-3 days and then strain.

Recommended daily to replace 30-40% of the water in the aquarium, the fry of guppies feel comfortable. The temperature of the water in the first 3-4 weeks of life, fry it should not fall below 28C. Then you can gradually, within a week, reduce it to 26oC, and then to 24C.
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