The creation of the combat sheet is a creative process, so it would hardly be correct to say that it needs to meet certain standards, but as a kind of newspaper, it must meet several criteria:

- informative;

- accessibility and literacy;

- the brilliance;

- a creative approach.
Battle piece should be relevant, so it typically is published once a week or at least once a month. Before proceeding to its creation and design should determine which theme (event) is a major, what topics will be of a minor nature. These topics should be important to most members of the team. As the main expedient to choose the most important at the moment subject for consideration and, best of all, if this it is the most discussed in the team. The main theme can be placed in the name of the piece, then it will immediately attract attention. To place an article on the main theme should at the center of the leaf.
All put in a piece of article should not only carry a certain content, but also to have informative content that people were interested to read the paper. Information itself means nothing, unless the person can gain from it some information for himself, which he did not know.
The piece should be written in accessible language. Not worth it when drafting the articles to operate with difficult to understand terms, because it is not a scientific work, but simply to set out his vision of the situation. The articles should be structured and written correctly, otherwise the piece may be new No. 1 for the next leaf.
Naturally, the leaflet should be colourful. The article attracted attention when they read, and to draw attention to the reading, you need to focus on the leaf. It needs to contain a sufficient number of photographs, drawings, quite colorful look of an application.
Of course, creating the need to be creative. The people that make up the paper and editing it should have, at least, at least the basics of artistic skill.
Should take piece in place for humorous column. But it is clearly to ridicule the shortcomings of their colleagues, so to say, to specify the attention to the individual. Your task is to reflect the problem and suggest a solution.
Most importantly, the piece should be a reflection of collective life, difficult, prosaic, funny, sad - whatever. You should not turn it into the front page of the weekly news papers.