You will need
  • The finished work, hand written on notebook sheets and blank first page — if you write a standard essay; or typed on the computer working with a blank cover sheet — if you make writing on the computer.
The essay, in contrast to the above types of work, written by hand, not typed in a text editor on the computer. Therefore, initially, an essay written on a sheet of notebook format, the lined in the printing and availability of fields. Often, ordinary works are written in a special notebook for essay. However, there are exceptional cases (e.g., competition), when the finished work may be asked to issue in printed form.
If the work is handwritten, then the cover sheet is signed like signed books: at the center of the page, just above the middle, in a column: (Total/ examination/ your option) сочинение_по_русскому_языку_и_литературе_(for literature/ Russian language/ your option) student (s)_7а_ classiscal No. 5_Фамилия_Имя.
If you place an A4 sheet, then a cover page will look like the following.

Top title — the full name of the school, for example:
School-Lyceum No. 8

The following title — the title of the work, for example:
Exam essay (or work)

Below is a string denoting the object, for example:
in the Russian language (written in small letters)

Then goes the essay topic, for example:
on "M. Bulgakov heart of a Dog".
Stepping down a few lines, draw up your author information, "aligning" them on the right edge of the page.

The first row (small letters):
student (s)

Second line:
Class 7a

Next, write the name and surname in genitive.

Below indicate the teacher:
Lecturer: Name And Surname

In the bottom of the page at the center point of the city and the present year.