Do not put on the title page the page number. It is not numbered, although considered. So on the next page check the number 2.
Some schools present their demands to design the cover sheet. Be sure to check with the teacher, the counselor or group leader. However, the majority of schools and universities adhere to the adopted standards.
At the top, center, write in full the full name of your educational institution.
Just below write the kind of work you do: "Abstract", "Report" or "test".
Back is still a little down and write well in the centre the title of the essay or report and the subject on which this work is done. Please note that the topic name on the title page is written without quotes. Example: Referto the literature, the Theme of fate in the lyrics and prose of Mikhail Lermontov
Further closer to the right side write the word "finished(a)", followed by the class or the name of the faculty where you study. Line below to enter your background. It should look like this: Fulfilled: student of class 8 "And" Ivanov I. I.
Skip one line and not deviating from the right side, write "Checked" (a) the surname, name, patronymic and position of the teacher (leader) and consultants, if any.
At the bottom of the title sheet in the center write the city where you study, and directly under it the year of performance. Please note, the word "year" on the title page is not written. Example:Москва2012Допускается this design: Moscow – 2012
Do not put on the front page points at the end of sentences. They are only allowed in the topic title, provided that it consist of two or more sentences. Then put a dot after the first sentence (and following), but not at the end of the header.