The form of a piece of arrival , you can download and print from the Internet. And you can take it to the local office of the Federal migration service.
The information that is specified in a piece of arrival must be accurate and clear. And most importantly - believable. In the leaflet there is a cap in which you need to specify in whose name you fill in this sheet. Typically, the address specified offices of the Federal migration service in the city or by area of city in which you arrived.
How to fill out a sheet <b>arrival</b>
Then comes the information about the arriving person - name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, nationality, place of birth. Next, you need to specify your gender and your address registration at the place of arrival.
How to fill out a sheet <b>arrival</b>
Then there are time where you need to specify the address where you are registered as arrived. Further prescribed on the basis of the document the identity of the arrivals were installed, i.e. passport details. Ends execution of a piece of arrival date and signature.
On the reverse side indicate whence came the person, i.e. write the address on the registration. And then there are the information that are filled with specialists of the Federal migration service, that information verified. Ends execution of a piece of arrival date and signature.