You will need
  • computer or laptop;
  • user manual;
  • the Internet.
Bluetooth technology on the computer is connected using a special adapter, which can be either built-in or installed later. As a rule, built-in Bluetooth adapters, do not put on computers, and on laptops. So if you need to know if the Bluetooth on the computer, then in 90% of cases you won't find him.
The first thing to know is there a built-in adapter in your PC or laptop, look at its body or bottom and you should find a sticker with the image Bluetooth wireless technology (the picture is a sample picture of this marking). It is the sticker provides an adapter in the model of the computer or laptop, while the power button Bluetooth or indicators do not indicate his presence, as some models made with identical hulls, but different devices.
Find manual supplied to a computer or laptop and look at its configuration. If for any reason you do not find the sticker or the manual, view the specification of your laptop or computer on the manufacturer's website. You need to know the exact name listed on the case.
Another option is to find a Bluetooth device in device Manager, as the lack of stickers is not an indication that the device is there – it could connect later. Go to "My computer , right click, select Properties and click "device Manager , where there is information about all connected to the computer devices. Look for Bluetooth in the Network controllers . Or click the start menu , select control Panel - device Manager .
If no Bluetooth adapter in your computer, you can buy USB adapters that quickly and simply connects to laptop or PC through the USB port.