You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • - Bluetooth;
  • driver.
To activate the Bluetooth on the laptop, you first need to check its availability. As practice shows, not many laptops are equipped with this technology. Go to "device Manager" on your computer and check whether there is mention of this device. If nothing like that, you need to look at the physical presence. Inspect the laptop is the presence of an icon that points to the Bluetooh. If anything such is not present, it is safe to say that on your laptop there is no such technology.
You can buy USB technology with this device. You simply insert the device into your PC or laptop and will transfer data. If still you have Bluetooth on your computer, but in system settings it does not appear, and does not work, you need to install the drivers. Typically, these software always comes in the store when the sales of laptops. Install all necessary drivers and software to work.
Then restart the computer so that all data is preserved. As soon as the computer turns on, try to turn on Bluetooth. On many laptops it is activated using hot keys. Read the instructions from the laptop. Next, open the software, using which the management of the Bluetooth technology. Try to transfer any data from PC to phone.
If everything works, then Bluetooth on your computer fully activated. Now you will be able to transmit different data at a distance. However, it is worth noting that at the moment is considered a more advanced wireless wi-fi technology, which allows to transmit different data at a distance of 50 meters.