You will need
  • A Bluetooth adapter.
If your mobile computer has an integrated Bluetooth module, use it to connect with the headset. This will allow not to occupy a USB ports, which are few in laptops, separate adapter. Connect to the Internet and visit the website of the manufacturer of your mobile computer.
Open the download center and download the current version of the software needed to control the Bluetooth module. Install the utility and restart the computer.
Charge the wireless headset and turn it on. Click "start" and go to "Devices and printers". Click the "add a device" located at the top of the work window.
If you are running Windows XP, use the option "add a wireless device to network". After determining the Bluetooth headset, double click on the icon with the left mouse button. Open the user guide to the wireless device. Get ID connected to the headset and enter it once prompted.
Now open the control program of the sound card of your computer. Set options audio signal transfer. Select the connected Bluetooth headset the main audio output device.
If the kit includes a headset microphone, adjust the parameters of his work. Open control panel and select "Hardware and sound". Click "Manage audio devices". Select the desired equipment on the tab "Playback".
Now open the submenu "Recording". Select a microphone Bluetooth headset and click "default". Now click "Properties". Open the "Levels" tab and adjust the microphone. Save the configured settings. Check the quality of the headset.