Make sure that your computer really has a bluetooth. Manufacturers produce similar models, and even if on the computer there is a button to enable bluetooth, the availability of this wireless communication Protocol is not necessary. On the panel of your computer should be a sticker that guarantees built-in bluetooth device.
Check if the drivers for the quality of the bluetooth. By default, after installing the software appears on the desktop shortcut, clicking on which bluetooth is enabled. If not, find the installation disks, which were sold complete with computer, or download the driver from the official website of the laptop manufacturer.
So, double-click on the bluetooth icon. Enable bluetooth on the phone or other device you want to connect to the computer. You will see the main menu.
Click on the "Search for devices". The computer detects all devices activated bluetooth within a radius of 30 meters. Select the device you want to connect with a computer. Click on its name.
If you have enabled secure connections, the bluetooth program will require you to enter a special code confirming the connection. It could be a code specified by the settings of the portable device (e.g. phone or player), or bluetooth code on the computer. Enter this code on the PC and on the connected device.
There are times when there is no fixed code, but bluetooth requires confirmation of the connection. In this case, enter an arbitrary code. For example, 12345.Glavnoe that this combination was equally recruited in the connection window on the computer and the phone prompts you.
After entering the code click "OK" or "connect" (depending on the manufacturer).
When transferring files from one device to another don't forget to accept and store information in the appropriate box.