At first glance, to include Bluetooth (Bluetooth) on the laptop AI is very simple: push the button, and everything is included.
Bluetooth (Bluetooth) driver is a software that helps the operating system to control Bluetooth.
But this is only at first glance. To enable Bluetooth you will need drivers, especially if the operating system was installed independently, and not by the manufacturer.

Driver for enabling Bluetooth

As was said above, to activate the Bluetooth connection, you need to download the drivers. But if the manufacturer made a bet on 64-bit system, an 86-bit system drivers may not be.
The bit in two Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit. And 86-bit – this is the second designation 32-bit wide.
Therefore to turn on Bluetooth will not succeed. In this case you need to reinstall the operating system with x86 64.
To check the bitness of the operating system, you need to do is right-click on the icon "My computer". In the opened window select "Properties".
If everything is in order, it is necessary to start to look for the drivers on the Asus. They are all there on the official website of the manufacturer, sorted by model. To download from other sites is undesirable, since the file can contain viruses.

If on your personal laptop (computer) is Windows 7 or Windows 8, then you can install drivers for Bluetooth from Windows XP or Windows Vista. The disk with drivers in some cases can be sold together with the laptop. Check: maybe you have it lying somewhere.

Even in cases where the operating system was installed originally by the manufacturer, drivers Bluetooth may not be. After you download and install, try to connect.

The Inclusion Of Bluetooth

Often to activate the Bluetooth connection you need to press together fn and f2. Depending on modifications to the laptop, the second button may be different. This usually shows antenna. For faster enable Bluetooth on the side of the housing there is a special button.

If the above ways to connect fails, you can try the following algorithm:
1. Click "Start".
2. Select "All programs."
3. Open the folder "Standard".
4. Find the Bluetooth icon.

You can download a program to activate Bluetooth, if none of the above methods to no avail.