Turn the laptop and mobile phone. Go to the phone settings and switch BlueTooth on. Make sure that your phone available for searching. Now open the control panel in the laptop. Go to "Network and Internet" and select "Add a wireless device to a network" menu in the "control Center network and sharing".
Wait until the end of the search is available for device sync. Now select your mobile phone and enter any code. Re-enter this combination on your mobile phone. Now right click the mouse on the phone icon in the laptop. Configure the desired settings synchronous operation. Remember that you can use a BlueTooth adapter connected to the USB port. This device is much easier to find than the cable connecting the phone to the laptop.
To perform many procedures, such as synchronization of phone numbers is required for the specific program. Download and install PC Suite (PC Studio) that is suitable for your mobile phone.

If you need just to pass an arbitrary file from laptop to phone, then click right mouse button and select "Send". In the ensuing menu, select "BlueTooth Device".

To connect a laptop to the Internet using the mobile phone as a modem, start PC Suite. Select "Internet Connection". Configure connection settings, entering the same settings that you set during configuration of the mobile phone.
Click "Connect" and wait for a connection to the server operator. Start a web browser and check for Internet access. To disconnect, just close the PC Suite.