The problem of secured car

Where are these cars? Their appearance is quite simple. The vehicle is purchased on loan and serves as its collateral being pledged to the Bank. If the buyer is unable to repay the loan, the car takes the pot, which is its actual owner.

Some unscrupulous people sell this car to another person without notifying him of the fact of the Deposit. Some time later, the Bank finds a new owner picks up the car. The money the victim never returned.

If you consider law enforcement, it is possible to see that the courts in most cases take the side of the banks, leaving victims alone with the problem. In such a situation, you can try to sue the scammer, but the chances to recover the lost money a bit, especially if the car has passed through several hands.

How to check a car for collateral

The biggest chance to buy a similar car from those buying cars on the secondary market. But even buying in the salon of the official dealer is warranted to be free of encumbrances.

Verification of legal purity of the car should start with the study of PTS. Many banks are giving loan on the car, take the buyer of the passport of the vehicle. The absence of this document from the seller shall be cause for rejection of the purchase.

However, most of the scammers are in the traffic police a duplicate title, claiming the loss of the original. If you buy a relatively new car, and instead of the original title will show the duplicate, it should alert you and prompt to conduct a thorough review. Unfortunately, not all banks take the original document, so its presence should not put you at ease.

Another reason for concern is the frequent change of owners. If you see that in six months the machine several times passed from hand to hand, it can serve as an indirect indication that the car is pledged. Some people, upon learning that the car is laid, prefer it to sell quickly.

Ask the seller with the documents certifying the fact of payment of the machine. It may be a contract of sale. If the car was bought in the salon, ask for a receipt or cash receipt proving the payment. You can ask the dealer financial documents and learn the history of cars. There you can tell about how to buy the car in cash or issued loan.

Banks issuing car loans, in most cases, require the execution of policies hull. If the seller has such a policy, ask to show it to you. Note the column "Beneficiary", which identifies the beneficiary. If there is specified the Bank, the car was borrowed.

It is advisable to check the car online database. Today, the Internet has several services that VIN code of the vehicle can give information about it, including to report the fact of the Deposit.

Try to get to know the credit history of the seller. A long and hard way is to send requests in Russian banks. There is an easier way — now the citizens information is available in the Central catalogue of credit histories. Knowing the passport data of the seller, you will be able to request the presence of his debts. If he took out a loan to buy a car, this information should be reflected there.

Recently, on the basis of the Federal notary chamber was established the Registry of notifications about pledge of movable property, in which banks can submit information about the pledged cars. Unfortunately, this procedure for credit institutions is not mandatory, so not all of the problematic cars enter the registry.