Look in the network educational material to remove, and then to change the design on the website "Vkontakte". Go to the website and pick a different theme. The text of the table from this thread you need to copy to the clipboard. You must open the program "Notepad", then paste the copied text. Click the menu "File". Next you need to select "Save as" enter your file name with a required extension css. Choose a location to save.
Use a program such as Internet Explorer in order to put a new theme of "Vkontakte" or to return to the standard view. Find the menu "Tools", select "Internet options". Locate the "General" tab and the "theme"section.
Tick where there is an item "format documents using my style." Then click "Browse" and open the file that was previously saved. Then, click "OK". Restart the browser. You can now visit the site "Vkontakte". If you want to remove the background, remove the tick next to "format documents using my style."
Download software Stylish for the new design of "Vkontakte" using the Mozilla Firefox browser. Restart your browser and copy the text for the selected design. Stepping into Stylish, you need to create the style of "Vkontakte". Write any text in the Description field. In the lower field you want to insert the text from the file that contains the table in the form of a cascade. Then this will save and make you restart the browser. Next you need to go to the site "Vkontakte".
If you need to turn off this add-in menu "Tools" -> "add-Ons" can be found Stylish. Tap on it, then choose "Disable" and "Remove" all will be as before.
Use Opera browser, if you want to remove or put a new background on your page. Go to the settings of the browser, select the item called "Advanced". Locate the "Content", then "style Settings" and "Modes of presentation". In the "My table" tick.
Copy the text from the selected format, open Notepad and paste in this text. Now we need to save the file under your name with extension css. Go to his page "Vkontakte" and right-click on the background of this site. You will see the item "Edit site preferences". Go to "View", select "Browse" and locate the file from your computer - in it you saved the table. Click "OK". Left to update your page.
If you need to remove the background, on the View tab locate the "Settings" and uncheck the option "Enable styling of forms" - so you are removing a path to a style file (css). Click OK, restart the browser.