Advice 1: How to change the appearance of Vkontakte

For the majority of users of social network Vkontakte question about changing the appearance of the form page is quite topical. Currently, there is a possibility to arrange the page in different topics, but it is important to understand that each browser requires its own individual approach when making such work.
How to change the appearance of Vkontakte
Internet Explorer To change the appearance of pages of the Vkontakte social network to find interesting topic for you with the extension ".css" and save its contents in a Notepad and clipboard. Then click "Save as" and name the file as you need and write the extension ".css". This file will be responsible for customization of appearance of your page. Then in Internet Explorer go to "Tools" (Tools), then "Internet options" (Internet options), "General" (General) and Creative (take advantage of this good). After you check the box next to the field "format documents using my style" (Format documents using my style sheet). Click "Browse" and open the saved file. Now your social network page Vkontakte will be your chosen topics. To turn off the theme, untick "format documents using my style" (Format documents using my style sheet).
Regads changes in the external pages of the Vkontakte social network through the Internet browser Opera, go to: "Tools"/"settings"/"Advanced"/"Content"/"style Options" (Configure styles)/"view Modes" (Modes). Check the box next to the field "My style sheet". Then copy the text CSS in Notepad or another text editor. Click "Save as" and name the file as you need and write the extension ".css". Click the right mouse button anywhere on the page and Xanga select "Edit site preferences" (Settings for the site). In the tab "Display" (View), click Browse and specify the location where you saved the file with the extension ".css". Now your page looks different. To turn off the theme on the tab "Display" (View), just delete the file path and hit "Okay".
Mozilla FirefoxУстановите on your browser advanced settings by clicking on the link and restart Firefox. In the lower right corner of the browser, locate and click the Stylish icon, select "Create style" and then "For". Next on the menu "View" put a check mark next to "status". In the window that appears in the Description field, type a name. Then in the lower window between the brackets { } insert the text cascading and save.
In addition, there is an open Vkontakte group "Design. Manage styles" - there you can read information about how to change the appearance of your page. To join the group by clicking on the link

Advice 2 : How to remove registration Vkontakte

Now change or remove the registration page on the website "Vkontakte" is easy. To do this, create topics, which are tables in the CSS style. Use the special code that was part of web programming. It can be used to remove the registration web page.
How to remove registration Vkontakte
Look in the network educational material to remove, and then to change the design on the website "Vkontakte". Go to the website and pick a different theme. The text of the table from this thread you need to copy to the clipboard. You must open the program "Notepad", then paste the copied text. Click the menu "File". Next you need to select "Save as" enter your file name with a required extension css. Choose a location to save.
Use a program such as Internet Explorer in order to put a new theme of "Vkontakte" or to return to the standard view. Find the menu "Tools", select "Internet options". Locate the "General" tab and the "theme"section.
Tick where there is an item "format documents using my style." Then click "Browse" and open the file that was previously saved. Then, click "OK". Restart the browser. You can now visit the site "Vkontakte". If you want to remove the background, remove the tick next to "format documents using my style."
Download software Stylish for the new design of "Vkontakte" using the Mozilla Firefox browser. Restart your browser and copy the text for the selected design. Stepping into Stylish, you need to create the style of "Vkontakte". Write any text in the Description field. In the lower field you want to insert the text from the file that contains the table in the form of a cascade. Then this will save and make you restart the browser. Next you need to go to the site "Vkontakte".
If you need to turn off this add-in menu "Tools" -> "add-Ons" can be found Stylish. Tap on it, then choose "Disable" and "Remove" all will be as before.
Use Opera browser, if you want to remove or put a new background on your page. Go to the settings of the browser, select the item called "Advanced". Locate the "Content", then "style Settings" and "Modes of presentation". In the "My table" tick.
Copy the text from the selected format, open Notepad and paste in this text. Now we need to save the file under your name with extension css. Go to his page "Vkontakte" and right-click on the background of this site. You will see the item "Edit site preferences". Go to "View", select "Browse" and locate the file from your computer - in it you saved the table. Click "OK". Left to update your page.
If you need to remove the background, on the View tab locate the "Settings" and uncheck the option "Enable styling of forms" - so you are removing a path to a style file (css). Click OK, restart the browser.

Advice 3 : How to change the design of the Facebook page.

With the popularity of social networking, a large number of services that offer a variety of services for users to change themes pages, create avatars, the program for downloading videos and music and many others. This can be done by using special browsers, add-ons and programs, most of which is distributed online for free.
Design a Facebook page.

Themes VKontakte

In addition to the standard page design Vkontakte, also there are two available themes ("pre-revolutionary" and "Souse"), which does not require downloading any programs or add-ons.
The theme of the page Vkontakte is a graphical interface. When changing the theme changes the display of the page in the browser without changing the software.
They allow you to change not only the appearance of the site, but also some names of menu items that allow you to feel a pleasant nostalgia. With the latest updates to change the subject does not always work, but the labels will definitely be unusual.

To use one of those you need to go into "My Settings". There in the tab "General" find the item "Language", scroll through the list to select the name of the design. To return to the standard view of Vkontakte just change the language setting back to Russian.

Program Get Styles

If these themes do not satisfy your desire to stand out, then there is a special program of Get Styles. It works with browsers Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.
Browser – software used for processing and output of the web page.
You need to download and install it, and then choose from a list that is divided into different classes, suitable theme for every taste and color. The directory site has over 10,000 topics.

Download the program from the official website. Program size Get Styles - 402 KB.

Go to the website. In the right column, under the heading "Information", click the "Download" button. Choose a location to save the file, and confirm your decision. Open the file on your hard disk. Read the user agreement and click "accept". Then configure the program in a compatible browser by ticking the appropriate box. Click "Next" and wait for the installation program.

After the installation is complete a window will open with recommendations for future actions: to open one of the four supported browsers, go to the website Get Styles, choose in the theme directory and clicking on the "Accept" button, install it to your page Vkontakte.

After the program is installed under your browser's address bar, you will see another line that you can control the theme of the VC.

Browser Orbitium

For even more variety, there is a Orbitium browser designed specifically for social networking. By downloading it, you won't need any additional software. Just go into your account on the website, find in the upper right corner the button "Change theme" and choose.

The main advantage of the latter two methods is that turning on a page other people can look at and their design. If they do not use such supplements, it will be replaced by yours. Unfortunately, ordinary users will not be able to see your threads. But it kompensiruet the fact that all these programs are free.
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