You will need
  • - a computer with access to the Internet and installed the browser.
Remember how you installed the extra themes for the site Vkontakte. Perhaps if you use Mozilla Firefox, it was the addition of Stylish. Then, to return to the default theme, it needs to be removed completely. Go to the "Tools" menu, select "Settings", then click "Extensions," locate the command Stylish, click on it once, the buttons will appear "Disable", "Remove". Select one and press OK. Then, update the website Vkontakte and check that the theme has changed.
If you are using Internet Explorer, then switch back to the default theme, go to menu "tools" (Tools), select "Internet options" (Internet options), then go to the tab "General". From there select the option "Design" (take advantage of this good) and uncheck the command "format documents using my style" (Format documents using my style sheet). Then click "Apply" and close the menu. Go to the site Vkontakte and verify that the returned standard theme.
In the Opera browser go to "View", select "page Settings" and uncheck "turn Off styling of forms". Also remove the path to the files style sheet (css), which just stores the settings of the previously selected topics. Click OK, update the website Vkontakte.
If you do not change the theme, go to the Opera program, go to the site Vkontakte, press the right mouse button anywhere on the site and select "site Settings". There select the tab "View" and uncheck all boxes.
Edit just in case your password from Vkontakteafter you have managed to supply the standard theme. Very often the programs that extend the capabilities of this site (giving you the opportunity to download music and videos, send pictures on the wall friends, change themes), steal passwords, email addresses and other personal information.