You will need
  • - computer,
  • - connect to the Internet
  • check Vkontakte,
  • - changed the theme on your page.
On your page you have one of two simple themes from the "My settings" called "pre-revolutionary" or "Souse". These themes have a standard page design and change only the tab names in the menu. To return to the default settings need to open the menu item "My settings". In the General tab, find "Regional settings". Here you need to change the language from "pre-revolutionary" or "Soviet" with "Russian" or your native language, and then click on the "Edit"button.
For registration themes Vkontakte you used addition to Internet Explorer, Get Styles. In this case, the control panel program located under the address bar of the browser. To change settings you have to click in the menu item "Themes". On the opened page find "default theme" and click "Apply". It is located at the bottom of the open list of topics on the right. If not found, look again, because it does not move even if you moved to another page with a list of topics. After changing theme, refresh the page Vkontakte.
If you decide to get rid of the Get Styles, go to your PC in "start", open "control Panel". In the opened window look for "add or remove programs". In front of the icons alternately, click on "change/Remove". The number of icons is equal to the number of the used browsers.
You have made your account using the plugin VKTema. Then to delete a topic, look in the left menu of your profile link "Delete theme" and click on it with the mouse.
If you want to remove not only the design, but the program itself VKTema, you should be using "start menu" open "control Panel", where on the page "add or remove programs" uninstall the package by pressing one button "change/Remove".